Bro, Your Skin Is Unique!

Bro, Your Skin Is Unique!

Men’s skin is different from women’s skin in many ways. This means that it also needs special care! Frequent exposure to pollutants and excessive sweating may cause irritation that can lead to pimples and worse, acne, if not given proper attention.

Here are some of men’s skin features that make it unique:

Thicker Skin

Men's skin is thicker by 20% to 25%, and has a tougher texture compared to women’s skin. Men are more prone to having deep wrinkles or frown lines between the eyebrows, and smile lines around the mouth. These lines are caused by repeated facial expressions.

Large Pores

Skin pores are important because they let our body release sweat and oil onto the skin surface. Did you know that men have more pores, which are larger and more prominent than women’s pores? Therefore, without regular washing or cleaning, the debris from daily pollutants will be stuck on those large pores, which might cause skin problems later on.

Higher Oil Levels

Men have more oil glands or sebaceous glands than women. Sebum or natural oil hydrates and blocks bacteria, which is good for the skin. However, too much sebum can clog the pores, which can then lead to acne. This is a common skin problem of men.

Because of these unique characteristics, men’s skin needs a skin care regimen especially formulated for this skin type to protect it from daily pollutants and irritants.

Try FIRST for MEN Skincare products with Swiss bio-actives powered by natural and plant-derived ingredients. They’re infused with Pumpkin Seed Extract (PSE) Antioxidant System - a holistic skin regimen that rejuvenates the skin and brings out the natural glow. It is paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free and toxic-free, making it safe to use on all skin types. You can check out our Men’s page for complete product details.

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