Kick-Start Your Self-Care Routine!

Kick-Start Your Self-Care Routine!

The last two years of pandemic made many people realize that stress, quarantine and anxiety have affected their well-being. Long work hours, bad news overload and caring for their family and themselves have them feeling overwhelmed. Some felt helpless, discouraged and, occasionally, out of control. In worse cases, people experienced headache, muscle tension, fatigue and lack of sleep.

Because our daily lives are often disrupted by negativity, self-care is an important tool to help us take a break and induce more positivity in our lives. By practicing this consistently, we can develop the habits than lead into a healthier mindset.

What Is Self-Care?

It is a conscious act intended to promote physical, mental and emotional health. Self-care is important in building resilience toward life’s stressors as it prepares our body & mind to handle challenges. As such, it must be viewed as a priority rather than a luxury.

Why is Self-Care Important?

According to studies, self-care routine provides health benefits. It reduces anxiety, stress and depression, improves happiness and energy, and strengthens interpersonal relationships. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), self-care can even help promote health, prevent disease, cope w/ illness and assist people to become better-equipped against stress.

So show some compassion by taking the time you need without feeling guilty about it. Here are some practical, easy-to-do tips to help you start that much-needed Self-Care routine which encompasses the mind, body & spirit.

Physical Self-Care

Tips to help your body function more effectively & efficiently:

  • Eat healthy and drink lots of water.
  • Sleep early or get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Exercise more often - Take a walk. Do some stretching. Take deep breaths. Swim when you can.
  • Have a home spa session by yourself - Make a small space that creates “peaceful joy." Diffuse some essential oils, play relaxing music and do your skincare routine. Try FIRST for WOMEN I FIRST for MEN Skincare products for naturally radiant skin. You’ll feel good w/ the results!
  • Get a home-service massage - Make sure you contact a legit spa service provider. Use a body lotion that smoothens, rejuvenates skin and seals in moisture. Try FIRST for WOMEN I FIRST for MEN Skin Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion especially on dry/rough areas and experience the difference w/ frequent use. The light, lingering scent will make you smile & feel good.

Mental Self-Care

Influence psychological well-being w/ the way you think & develop a sharper mind by doing things that are new or fascinating to you.

  • Read an inspiring book or positive blogs.
  • Binge-watch the latest show that you like.
  • Try-out a new hobby – Plant seeds and watch them grow; learn how to paint or bake.
  • Make a playlist of your favorite songs and take time to listen for an hour every day.

Social Self-Care

Put enough time and energy to build your relationship with others and do not neglect the people you love even when life gets busy.

  • Spend more time with your family – Initiate a chat with them. Go for a walk, have meals or watch movies together at home.
  • Reconnect - Message an old friend to find out how he or she is doing now. Send kind words.
  • Join communities of high school or college classmates or previous officemates – Reminisce happy memories together. They may become your support groups especially when you need people to talk to or give you virtual hugs. It can also work the other way when you may share relevant motivational thoughts.
  • Watch funny YouTube videos or follow Tiktok creators that make you laugh.
  • Share your favorite songs, positive quotes, photos or videos on your social media page to make you feel good
  • Unfollow or avoid social media pages or personalities with contents that make you feel sad, worried, nervous or angry.

Spiritual Self-Care

This goes beyond religion. It is anything that helps you realize your purpose in life and understand your connection with other people, nature and the universe.

  • Learn to enjoy meditation to unlock your inner peace - Sit quietly and close your eyes for several minutes to relax your body and mind. You’ll feel de-stressed and refreshed!
  • Attend a religious service, either virtually or face-to-face and reflect on the messages. Observe social distancing.
  • Volunteer in outreach activities of your community like feeding the street children or visiting seniors at a home-for-the-aged.

Your Self-Care list may be longer than this. It’s not a one-size-fits-all, anyway. Your self-care activity can be as simple as watching the sunset from your window while sitting on a comfy couch, playing with your pets or even just sipping fresh, ice-cold fruit juice.

Be grateful for the simple things that make you happy and embrace the life you have!

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