The 7 Habits of People with Clear and Healthy Skin

The 7 Habits of People with Clear and Healthy Skin

We can inherit the skin type and skin conditions of our parents. And while we cannot alter genetics, we can adjust our lifestyle & skin care routine to achieve healthy skin and look our best.

Here are the 7 habits of people who look good and feel good about their skin. They’ve achieved this not because they’re born with it, but because they’ve been diligently taking care of it. With determination & consistency, you too can experience naturally glowing skin by following these simple tips.

1. Get a Facial Massage Regularly

You don’t need to visit a skin care clinic to get an expensive facial massage as you can DIY it! Facial massage helps release the tension around the jaw, loosens tightness in the scalp, stimulates muscles, improves blood circulation & smoothens fine lines. Use a good product like FIRST for WOMEN I FIRST for MEN Skin R&R Serum to start this simple routine. Apply the product in your hands, then apply in an upward motion, followed by circular motions from the center of your face, to the end of your cheekbones. Massage it completely to allow a deeper penetration of the serum.

2. Eat Skin-Healthy Foods

It is important to eat foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy fats. Here are just some of those skin-healthy foods that are easily available in your local grocery.

  • Salmon and other fatty fish are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and zinc that can reduce inflammation and keep your skin moisturized.
  • Sweet potato or the humble “kamote” contains beta carotene which acts as a natural sunblock, and helps protect your skin from sun damage.
  • Tomatoes are a good source of Vitamin C & lycopene that protect your skin from damage caused by frequent sun exposure and helps maintain the skin’s youthful firmness.
  • Dark Chocolate is rich in Cacao, which is known to have high amounts of iron and magnesium. Iron makes your skin glow, while Magnesium improves your skin’s overall appearance, reduces acne and other skin disorders.
  • Grapes are loaded with Antioxidants that help revitalize your skin and protect it against harmful free radicals.
  • Soy contains Isoflavones that help in reducing the appearance of skin aging. They improve skin elasticity and dryness as well as protect the skin from UV damage.
  • Green Tea is a good source of Catechins that are effective agents against skin inflammation. They also function as an anti-cancer medium.

3. Cleanse

Cleanse your skin from daily pollutants. Wash your face with lukewarm water & a soap that gently cleanses & moisturizes. Caution: If the water is too hot, it will strip the skin of its natural oils. If it is too cold, there can be a build-up of soap residue.

Try using FIRST for WOMEN I FIRST for MEN Skin Brightening Soap. It contains PSE (Pumpkin Seed Extract) Antioxidant System & Virgin Coconut Oil that bring out the skin’s natural radiance while protecting it from irritants. Use it in the morning & at night for best results.

4. Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is beneficial to your skin. It improves the skin tone by flushing out toxins, increases elasticity which prevents sagging, speeds up the healing process when you get sunburn, and prevents excess oil and sebum secretion that can cause acne.

5. Tone

Toning smoothens the skin and makes it firmer. It also prepares you for the next skin care step by helping the skin absorb the treatment better.

Try using FIRST for WOMEN I FIRST for MEN Skin Balancing Toner - a uniquely formulated toner that is safe for all skin types. It minimizes the appearance of pores & makes your skin revitalized. Include it in your daily skin care routine and say Hello to a younger looking YOU!

6. Moisturize

It is important to apply moisturizer in the morning before you get busy. Try a lightweight anti-aging day cream like FIRST for WOMEN I FIRST for MEN Skin Radiance Day Emulsion with UV filters that protect the skin from dirt & other harmful elements. It has a soft gel cream texture which is easily absorbed by the skin, making it great for people on-the-go.

At night, the skin produces less oil which leads to water loss. Therefore, you need to replenish it with a night-time moisturizer. A lot of people skip moisturizing before sleeping as they’re too tired for that “extra” skin care step, but it is needed during the repair cycle at night which is the most important time to hydrate.

Try using FIRST for WOMEN I FIRST for MEN Skin Reboot Night Gel Creme. It’s a lightweight multi-active gel moisturizer that soothes, calms & regenerates stressed & dehydrated skin during sleeping hours, resulting in a fresh and dewy complexion, without the sticky feeling.

7. Get a Good Quality Sleep

A lot of people invest in expensive skincare products to have healthy and glowing skin. But they overlook a very important part of the regimen--getting enough sleep. Developing a good sleeping habit is not easy. But it can be achieved through healthy eating, regular exercise, stress management and following a strict bedtime and wake time routine.

A single night of poor sleep can cause swollen eyes, darker under-eye circles, paler skin & more visible wrinkles or fine lines. These overnight concerns may become long-term problems if not addressed early on.

Remember, it is during sleep that skin repairs the damage it experienced during the day. So aim to get a good quality sleep on a regular schedule to feel rested and refreshed when you wake up the following day.

Consistency is the Key! You have to commit to these habits if achieving healthy skin matters to you. It is also important to review & adjust your lifestyle, then build up a skin care routine that complements it.

Check out FIRST for WOMEN I FIRST for MEN Skincare for a complete list of nature-powered products developed w/ Swiss Bio-actives, and experience naturally radiant skin.

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