‘Tis the Season to Glow!

‘Tis the Season to Glow!

Don’t let the bustling excitement of the holidays take a toll on your skin. Remember, Christmas in the Philippines is the longest yuletide celebration in the world. You want your radiant skin to stay that way the entire season.

We’re sharing some skincare tips that can help you prepare for the busy holidays:

Prioritize Hydration:
Always carry a bottled water everywhere to ensure you drink as often as you can. Eat foods that are naturally high in water content. Fruits and veggies should be part of your daily meal staples too.

Increase In-take of Omega 3-Rich Food:
Omega-3 fatty acids support collagen production which plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy & supple skin. Include salmon, trout, walnuts, flaxseeds, and chia seeds in your holiday recipes as they can do wonders to help balance your skin’s moisture.

Observe a Regular Bed Time:
The holiday season may be the busiest time of the year but you don’t have to sacrifice sleep for the sake of frequent get-together and gift shopping. Get that sufficient sleep to allow your body & mind to rejuvenate & recover to stay looking fresh.

Exercise Daily:
Whether it’s an intense gym session, a 1-hour indoor biking or brisk-walking around the neighborhood, your daily exercise regimen will make your complexion rosy radiant because of the increased blood circulation. You’ll definitely look great in your party dress with that naturally blushed skin!

Let FIRST Skincare Take Care of the Rest:
Feel confident with a naturally glowing skin that radiates from within! Use FIRST for WOMEN I FIRST for MEN Skincare products that contain plant-based ingredients like pumpkin seed extract, virgin coconut oil and calamansi extract. This skincare regimen will protect you from the holiday stress by keeping your skin moisturized, soft and smooth. Correct those blemishes, dark spots and fine lines with daily use.

So pamper yourself, make a lasting impression, create vibrant memories and enjoy the Holidays!

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